If you're looking for anything to do with Weeping Cross, the small town in Staffordshire, UK, I do beg your pardon but you won't find it here.
Instead this site is devoted to a few of my arcane interests, as listed below. Welcome!

'Weeping Cross' is a term from English folklore. It can mean either a wayside cross which has lost one of its arms, or one where funeral processions halted
on their way from outlying country districts towards the parish church. I can't remember why I selected it for my online identity, but I still like it enough to keep it.
Despite the confusion with the town in Staffordshire.

I hope you find something to interest you here. Do
contact me if you have any questions.
Go to Holy Wells frontpageI've written quite a bit about holy wells in Britain, those enigmatic sacred watery sites in the landscape. You can find out more about them here.
Go to Gothic frontpageSome would argue that Goths are really born, not made. I've certainly always had a strange fascination for pointy arches and debatable things, and seem to have gathered friends who do, too. You can also find out about Gothic Gardens here. 
Go to the God frontpageSomewhat incongruously I'm also a Christian and since 2005 have even made a living out of it. Well, sort of. Arguably clergy don't really work and don't really get paid ...
Go to the Dorset Deco frontpageI come from Dorset, and like Art Deco architecture. There's quite a bit round Bournemouth and Poole, and here are some of my favourite buildings.
Go to the Oxford University LIb Dems papers pageMy politics is really more Distributist these days, but many, many years ago I was President of the Oxford University Liberal Democrats. Here are some archived bits about the Club's history that you won't find elsewhere.
Museums frontpageWhat could be more agreeable to someone fascinated by the past than a career in the wonderful and odd world of museums. That was my profession for 12 years or so, and here you can find some of the museums I've encountered.
PJHShe's simply the Queen. And not just of Dorset, either.
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What's New ...July 2015 - A new write-up of Bindon Gardens, as I've finally visited them for the first time in over twenty years.
September 2015 - My book reviews
have been migrated from Amazon, of which I no longer approve. Links from Wells Info and Gothic Books.
October 2015 - The Gothic section has been reorganised with a bit more personal detail.
January 2016 - the new Museums section is now complete.
August 2016 - Accounts of Arundel and Blandford Museums added, and the St Catherine page updated and reorganised.
October 2016 - Accounts of the museums at Richmond (Yorks), Hawes, and Pateley Bridge, and new St Catherine pictures.
February 2017 - Account of The Novium, Chichester, added.
April 2017 - Account of the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro, and two more images of St Catherine, added.
May 2017 - A review of Catherine Spooner's fine new book, Post-Millennial Gothic.
October 2018 -
An account of Yester, the only Gothic Garden I know about (yet) in Scotland.