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    Bennetts Bakers, 117 High Street, Poole

Bennetts Bakers, Poole
Look at this! Isn't it fantastic? A virtually-unchanged 1930s shopfront in the middle of Poole High Street, with its jazzy jagged signboard,
patterned lead glass, curving windows above marbled supports and the name of the original owners in the mosaic floor in the doorway. It
stands out a mile among the other shops and really cheers things up. I'm so very pleased that a building like this has survived - and it's an
independent baker's, too.

Elsewhere in the High Street you can find sparky '30s windows at no.87a (the Julia's House charity shop); a flashy black glazed-tile frontage
at no.80 (The Catalogue); a probably-1950s red-brick frontage at no.175 (Omnibooks) and some nice detailing on the otherwise quite dull
frontage  of nos.127-9 (BonMarc

Not far away in Wimborne Road is the Poole Labour Club, which just failed to make it into this list -
it's not exactly pretty but bears its date proudly on the front, as well as having an entrance arch with a clock set into a copper facing. It was
built to celebrate the centenary of the Tolpuddle Martyrs in 1934. Finally, in Parkstone Road you'll find the Poole Borough Offices, a very grand
and conservative set of buildings in a Deco mode of Classical architecture - or a Classical mode of Deco architecture, if you prefer. A bit
Lutyens-like, in fact, with some very pleasing bas-relief carvings.

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