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Bliss bar, Upper Hinton Road, Bournemouth

Bliss, Upper Hinton Road, Bournemouth
This stunning building used to be a branch of Maples but currently houses a restaurant and bar - I can't speak for what may go on in the upper
floors. It's a little taste of Metropolitan glamour in the middle of a conservative seaside town. It somehow seems far more massive and striking
than its size warrants, which can perhaps be put down to the strong vertical emphasis of the stone uprights. Those black sections between the
windows not only create a strong visual contrast, but make it look rather like a white building has been slotted down on top of a black one.
There's a number of interesting Deco buildings in Bournemouth town centre, but this is surely the finest.

Other examples are the
Dingles store, which is pictured elsewhere; Bristol & West House and the former offices of the Evening Echo (now the
Ink Bar), both on Richmond Hill; the swooping bottom end of Old Christchurch Road which forms the Birthdays card shop; the Moon in the
Square pub; and one of Burton's stores, just on the Square - an off-the-peg shopfront for off-the-peg clothing.

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