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Art Deco Buildings in Dorset

I don't know why I should be so fond of Art Deco style, really. It has nothing either Gothic or Christian about it. It's the last great artistic style that had both panache and a sense of optimism and confidence about it. You can look at factories, for heaven's sake, built in the 1930s in Britain, and it's quite clear they were constructed with no thought that the building might ever be used for anything other than making the products of one particular firm, whose name and business are built into the decoration and fabric. The future is sure and we can rely on it. Ah, what conviction! Perhaps that's why I like it - the clarity and futurity are so excitingly at odds with my own temper.

My own home corner of the world, Bournemouth and Poole in Dorset, abound in humble examples of Art Deco architecture. I've become quite interested in how the international Art Deco style trickled down to an unimportant part of Britain - though, admittedly, I haven't actually found out much about that. What I have done is take photos of Art Deco buildings in the area, and here, for your viewing pleasure, are what I think are ten of the nicest.

Click on the little Deco flashes next to the map to open each picture.
Bournemouth main outline
Deco flash1. Bennetts
Deco flash2. Sandbanks Road houses
Deco flash3. The Conning Tower
Deco flash4. Banks Road houses
Deco flash5. Dingles
Deco flash6. Bliss
Deco flash7. Pendennis
Deco flash8. Castle Lane houses
Deco flash9. Motabitz
Deco flash10. Southbourne URC Church

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