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    Houses on Sandbanks Road, Lilliput, Poole
Houses in Sandbanks Road, Poole
Standing out from the unremarkable houses around them, this little pair are a breath of fresh air in the very suburban suburb of Lilliput.
They share a basic outline look, but one is more curves and one is more angles. They also share a driveway, so I imagine have a common
origin and architect.

Round the corner (or on the corner) is another '30s house I couldn't photograph when I first visited the area, because it was swathed in
scaffolding. This was, I only later discovered, because it was being extended - upward - and completely refurbished inside. The project
was featured on Channel Four TV's programme
Property Ladder in 2004. The outside work and
new colour scheme is very much in keeping and even the roof extension looks pretty good - but I can't say I find the interior refurb
particularly appropriate. Anyway, from the outside it looks splendid.
227 Sandbanks Road227 Sandbanks Road
Not  very far away in Lagoon Road are a couple of interesting modernist houses, and if you venture round into Salterns Way you'll find
about half-a-dozen of them, largely '30s, with curving walls, bold bands of colour, and glazed staircase 'towers', but also a little square
white 1990s block to bring us completely up to date.

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