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Some images of Blessed Catherine I've come across.

St Catherine, OswestrySt Catherine, PetersfieldSt Catherine in St John's Church, Farncombe
St Catherine, WitleySt Catherine, Old Radnor
This Catherine appears way, way up at the top of a 15th-century window in the church of St Mary, Oswestry, in Shropshire. It's a tiny image and a long way away, hence a bitdistorted in this photograph. From St Peter's
Church, Petersfield in
Hampshire - I'm
guessing early 1900s.
A 19th-century window
image from St John's,
Farncombe, Surrey - again
very small, and presenting
Catherine as one of a trio
of virgin martyr saints
along with Dorothy and
This absolutely magnificent
image of Catherine comes from
the church at Witley in Surrey,
and was made by the Hardman
company about 1910, a
beautiful example of the style
of its day.
A radiant 15th-century
Catherine from the church of
Old Radnor, Radnorshire. I
read about this and made a
special stop on a long journey
to see it - and was rather upset
at not finding it in the church
until I peered into the vestry
and there it was!
St Catherine, Derby CathedralSt Catherine, SalleSt Catherine, SalleSt Catherine, Norfolk CathedralSt Catherine, North Walsham
A Victorian window showing Catherine (on the left) with a group of other virgin martyrs (Margaret and Cecilia,
since you ask, though there is also a chap behind them who I can't identify). From Derby Cathedral.
A tiny 15th-century window from the
church at Salle, Norfolk.
From Salle again,
a window from about 1910. She
looks like she's wearing an
Edwardian lady's
driving hat.
This rather sumptuous early
20th-century window from
Norwich Cathedral is a
memorial to a group of sisters
who worshipped there.
From the 15th-century chancel
screen at North Walsham, Norfolk, now rather ignominiously hidden
behind the pulpit.
St Catherine AccademiaSt Catherine, AccademiaSt Catherine V&A embroiderySt Catherine V&A embroiderySt Catherine V&A ivory
From the Accademia in Florence - the only representation I've ever seen of Catherine standing on her wheel.From the Accademia in Florence. I like the armillary sphere. Embroidery from the V&A in LondonEmbroidery from the V&A.An ivory from the V&A showing Catherine in prison. It's nice that the Holy Spirit is delivering her a Host, but it does rather look as though God the Father is vomiting him down the walls of the castle.
St Catherine, Fitzalan Chapel, ArundelSt Catherine, York MinsterSt Catherine, York MinsterSt Catherine at HascombeSt Catherine, St Catherine's School, Bramley
In the east window of the Fitzalan Chapel, ArundelIn the north aisle of York Minster - a 14th-century windowA second window from York Minster, this time from the Chapter House, and perhaps a bit earlier - 13th-centuryFrom the 1870s restoration of St Peter's Church, Hascombe, Surrey - on the wall behind the altar, and very, very hard to see, right against the floorIn the chapel of St Catherine's School, Bramley, Surrey, early twentieth-century
St Catherine, St Catherine's School, BramleySt Catherine, St Catherine's School, BramleySt Catherine, St Catherine's School, BramleySt Catherine, Leicester Cathedral
Embroidery at St Catherine's School, Bramley, SurreyWooden statue in the chapel at St Catherine's School, BramleyStone statuette at St Catherine's School, BramleyAt Leicester Cathedral - perhaps 1930s or maybe even laterAt Truro Cathedral - 19th century
Keeping St Ursula company, in a Victorian window from Luxulyan Parish Church, Cornwall


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