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Gothic Evolution by Roberts et alGothic: Evolution of a Dark Subculture, by Chris Roberts and contributors (Goodman, 2014)

Most books seem to have a particular audience in mind, and make assumptions about who it is that will be reading. I’m not sure who is meant to read Gothic: Evolution .... I think the people who may get most out of it are those who have an attraction to Goth or Gothic and want to know a bit more, but whether there are enough of them to make this very glossy and high-quality publication pay for itself I’m less certain! Also, as the scheme is thematic rather than chronological, there isn’t an overarching story, which might be more helpful to someone coming fairly new to the world of Gothic. Emma Baxter-Wright’s chapter on Fashion is near-academic in tone, while Chris Roberts’s one on Music (which you suspect is the only one he really wanted to write) is much more popular and colloquial. This book is gorgeously illustrated, and there’s a very welcome chapter on medieval Gothic and Gothic Revival architecture, but I wonder where the idea for it came from.

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