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The Museum of Richmond

Founded: 1983        Governance: Independent Trust        Scope: Local history    Visited: Spring 2013

A (relatively) modern institution in an old building, the Museum of Richmond, which is volunteer-based but manages to employ a professional curator, winds its way around part of an upper floor of the old Town Hall and gives the distinct impression of being there to insist on the identity of Richmond as a separate place within the sprawling suburbs of southwestern London. Not just a separate place, in fact, but a genteel, nay a Royal one. They're very keen that you grasp that fact, really.

For some peculiar reason I didn't take many photographs here, in fact only two: a collection of keys and a grim bit of decorative woodwork. This fails to give any real impression of what is actually a pleasant, bright museum space. Consequently I'll have to go back ...

Museum of Richmond
Museum of Richmond

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