Some tomes by me that you might just be interested in buying.  Do let me know if you are.
I've written other published things, some of which I'm quite pleased with, but you can't buy any of them from me!

Holy Wells of DorsetHoly Wells of Dorset (2019) is, finally, my tribute to my beautiful home county and the first account of Dorset's wells, apart from the little gazzetteer I published back in 1993 (a far from accurate or comprehensive piece now!). Holy Wells of Dorset is a little different from my earlier wells books: instead of being a guide to absolutely every named or significant spring or water-site in the county, this volume tells the story of how they have developed, with fuller accounts of the sites that repay a visit or two, and, in passing, some details of others to flesh out the narrative. It's glossy, it's got lots of colour in its 80 pages, it's a bit more expensive at 10 including P&P!
Kissing Your Sister
Kissing Your Sister dates from the dim and distant days when I was involved with the Oxford University Liberal Democrats, and is a short history of the O.U. Liberal Club, and its variously-named successors, from 1913 to 1993. I no longer have any printed copies, but I can run a home-copied one off if you like. A5 size, 52pp. Cost 2.50 including postage & packing.
Holy Wells of Buckinghamshire
The Holy Wells of Buckinghamshire (2003) covers the ancient and named wells of Bucks, drawing on documents, folklore, and printed sources as well as field visits. Again, the original print run is sold out but I can supply a photocopy if required. A5 size, 40pp. Cost 2.50 including postage & packing. 
Holy Wells of Kent
The Holy Wells of Kent (2003) is the same sort of thing, covering that historic county, although I was never able to visit as many sites as I could in Bucks. A5 size, 44pp, cost 4 including postage & packing.

The Holy Wells of Surrey (2008) is the first comprehensive study of the named wells, springs and folkloric watery sites of this often-overlooked county, and is very likely to be my last holy well book before I retire (and possibly afterwards). A5 size, 48pp, cost 4.50 including postage and packing.
Exuviae: A Fragmentary Grammar of Gothic
Exuviae: A Fragmentary Grammar of Gothic (2004) brings together the remains of Goth/Gothic culture over more centuries than you care to imagine - from Sophocles to Siouxsie, we like to say. Somewhat opinionated musings on the nature of Gothic, a gazzetteer of Gothic stuff, and a collection of 'documents' and morbid pictures to spice the gloomy imagination. A5 size, 140pp, cost 7.50 including postage and packing.
Something Other Than We Are
Something Other Than We Are: A short history of Catholic Ideals in the Church of England (2009) is - somewhat astonishingly - the only general history of the Catholic wing of the Anglican Church. There are plenty of learned monographs about this or that aspect of it, but only Something Other takes the general reader who doesn't necessarily know much Church history right through the story from Henry VIII's divorce to the contemporary divisions over the ordination of women (etc.). Lots of pictures, some of them never before published. Cost 10.50 including postage and packing.
Please note my books are NO LONGER AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. I've left the Amazon Advantage program after reading some hair-raising things about the company's employment policies ...