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While researching the history of OULD (or rather its predecessors) back in the '90s I compiled a grand list of the officers of the Liberal Club, and so I reproduce that information here.  'H', 'T' and 'M' refer to the three traditional terms of the University, Hilary, Trinity and Michaelmas, as the officers usually served for one term apiece, and the officer's own college appears in brackets after their name. I carried on keeping tabs on what was going on in the Club for several years so there are some names into the 2010s before I completely lost track! The Club does keep up the list of names - at least of Chairs - on its Wikipedia entry. You may well notice some interesting names appearing here, both individuals who went on to become notable within Liberal circles, and those who achieved notoriety in other political spheres or walks of life. There are other Club alumni who don't appear here because their involvement didn't take them as high up the hierarchy, such as Stephen Hawking, Benazir Bhutto, or Rupert Murdoch ...

The Club was known as the OU Liberal Club until the end of 1970, and then de-registered with the University, renaming itself the Oxford Union of Liberal Students until Hilary 1976. It was then called the Oxford Students' Liberal Society until Hilary 1987, the Oxford Students' Alliance Society until Hilary 1988, the Oxford University Social and Liberal Democrats up to Michaelmas 1989, and the Oxford University Liberal Democrats from Hilary 1990 onwards.

1913 TMark Jackson (Magdalen)?Robert Whyte (Balliol)George Allsebrook (Trinity)
1915 H?John Pugh (Queens)
1919 MNeville Beechman (Balliol)Basil Herbert & Philip Rea (Christ Church)Roy Harrod (New)
1920 H"Arthur Rau (Wadham)"
1920 T"
1920 MArthur Rau (Wadham)
1920-21Edward Marjoribanks (Christ Church)/Basil Herbert (Christ Church)
1921 HSamuel Blackman (Brasenose) & Geoffrey Wrangham (Balliol)Alfred Woolley (Wadham) - served until the end of 1921
1921 MJanet Vaughan (Somerville) & Samuel Blackman (Brasenose)
1922 HBenn Levy (University)
1923 HRobert Bernays (Worcester) & Mary Somerville (Somerville)
1923 M - 1924 TFrancis Cockburn (Keble)
1924 M - 1925 TH.V. Lloyd-Jones (Jesus)
1926 TDingle Foot (Balliol)
1932-33Honour Balfour (Oxford Home Students)(1933) Stephen Bach (New)(1933) J. Howard Black (Queens)
1935 HFrank Byers (Christ Church)Raymond Walton (Balliol)Harold Wilson (Jesus)
1936 MRaymond Walton (Balliol)Peter Twinn (Brasenose)Alan Wood (Balliol)Kenneth Brooks (Merton)
1937 HAlan Wood (Balliol)Rufus Noel-Buxton (Balliol)Alexander Lamaison (Exeter)Mary Stanley (Lady Margaret Hall)`
1937 TRufus Noel-Buxton (Balliol)/Peter Twinn (Brasenose)Derek Tasker (Exeter)Mary Stanley (Lady Margaret Hall)George Henderson (Balliol)
1937 MEric Allison (Brasenose)Richard Miles (Exeter)Hubert Stapleton (Pembroke)Thomas Galbraith (Christ Church)
1938 HDerman Christopherson (University)Peter Stuart (Exeter)Derek Gregg (Wadham)Jean Crichton-Miller (Oxford Home Students)
1938 TPeter Stuart (Exeter)Rosamund Berridge (Somerville)Donald Milton (Trinity)Mervyn Evans (Hertford)
1938 MJohn Wilson (Oriel)Donald Milton (Trinity)Peter Soskice (Balliol)Margaret Brennan (Oxford Home Students)
1939 HPeter Twinn (Brasenose)Michael de L. Wilson (Balliol)Robert Shackleton (Oriel)George Grey (Hertford)
1939 TRobert Shackleton (Oriel)George Grey (Hertford)Diana Gloag (Somerville)Arnold Goodwin (Oriel)
1939 MGeorge Grey (Hertford)Mervyn Evans (Hertford)
1940 HDiana Gloag (Somerville)
1940 TJames Comyn (New)
1940 MKenneth Jones (University)
1941 HBasil Wigoder (Oriel)
1941 TLewis Clarke (Jesus)
1941 MMadeleine Bishop (Somerville)
1942 HJohn Smith (St Catherine's)
1942 TBetty Evans (Westfield)
1942 MDouglas Verney (Oriel)Daphne Park (Somerville)Joy Willliams (St Hugh's)Marian Shackleton (St Hilda's)
1943 HDaphne Park (Somerville)Archibald Dunn (New)Kenneth Fitze (Corpus Christi)Peter Hackett (Magdalen)
1943 TArchibald Dunn (New)Godfray le Quesne (Exeter)Enid Frayne (Westfield)Bernard Dann (Wadham)
1943 MKenneth Lamb (Queen's)
1944 HJohn Long (Queen's)Henry Fairlie  (Corpus Christi)
1944 TAlan Gibson (Queen's)
1944 MKeith Dewhurst (Trinity)John Gilbey (Queen's)
1945 HGraeme Moodie (Queen's)Sydney Hopewell (Queen's)Anthony Walton (Hertford)
1945 TPamela Brisbane (Westfield)
PresidentSecretaryTreasurerOrganising Secretary
1945 MArnold Hever (Queen's)Gitta Blumenthal (Lady Margaret Hall)James Pickles (Christ Church)Henry Palmer (Queen's)
1946 HAnthony Walton (Hertford)Henry Palmer (Queen's)"John Baker (Wadham)
1946 THenry Palmer (Queen's)Peter Wise (Wadham)"Patricia Ibbotson (Somerville)
1946 MAnthony Seabrook (Oriel)Margaret Newman (Somerville)Patrick Furnell (Trinity)Trevor Wilson (Balliol)
1947 HJohn Frankenberg (Balliol)Patrick Furnell (Trinity)Trevor Wilson (Balliol)Andrew Lloyd Morgan (Queen's)
1947 TJohn Stobbs (Pembroke)Merril Brady (St Hugh's)"Bernard Dann (Wadham)
1947 MPatrick Furnell (Trinity)Anne Glyn-Jones (Lady Margaret Hall)"Brian Ashmore (St John's)
1948 HBernard Dann (Wadham)Ann MacFadyean (Somerville)Philip Shelburne (Corpus Christi)Arthur Mildon (Wadham)
1948 TArthur Mildon (Wadham)Elizabeth Graham (Somerville)"Geoffrey Hudson (St John's)
1948 MElizabeth Graham (Somerville)(1948-9) Francis Schuster (Magdalen) Robin Day (St Edmund Hall)
1949 HBrian Law (St John's)Sheila Hawking (St Anne's)Julian Holt (Corpus Christi)
1949 TKeith Kyle (Magdalen)"
1949 MAnne Chesney (Somerville)Jeremy Thorpe (Trinity)Michael Turner Bridger (Lincoln)Michael Kyle (Exeter)
1950 HJeremy Thorpe (Trinity)Mary Parry Evans (Somerville)David Ferguson (Worcester)Paul Bolitho (Exeter)
1950 TJohn Edwards (Merton)David Ferguson (Worcester)Peter Blaker (New)Cecil Baker (Magdalen)
1950 MMichael Turner Bridger (Lincoln)Cecil Baker (Magdalen)Richard Blackmore (Wadham)Philip Watkins (Brasenose)
1951 HRichard Blackmore (Wadham)John Stewart (Balliol)Philip Watkins (Brasenose)Jeffrey O'Riordan (Pembroke)
1951 TJohn Thompson (St John's)Philip Watkins (Brasenose)David Stoneham (Brasenose)Andrew Alexander (St John's)
1951 MPhilip Watkins (Brasenose)Peter Hellman (St John's)
1952 HAndrew Alexander (St John's)Alan Deyermond (Pembroke)Peter Hellman (St John's)John Collins (Queen's)
1952 TAlan Deyermond (Pembroke)John Collins (Queen's)Bruce Burton (Jesus)Ian Jowett (Queen's)
1952 MBruce Burton (Jesus)David Worthy (Balliol)Roger Broadhurst (Exeter)Bruce Crammond (New)
1953 HJohn Collins (Queen's)Ann Bracken (St Hugh's)Roger Booth (Jesus)Richard Hoskins (Queen's)
1953 TRichard Hoskins (Queen's)Roger Booth (Jesus)Brian Moughton (Brasenose)
1953 MRoger Booth (Jesus)Clifford Joseph (St John's)Elizabeth Parr (St Anne's)
1954 HClifford Joseph (St John's)John King-Farlow (Christ Church)
1954 TPhilip Lewis (Corpus Christi)Robin Greig (Christ Church)
1954 MJohn King-Farlow (Christ Church)Ruth Butterworth (Lady Margaret Hall)
1955 HQuintin Iwi (New)Norman Hale (St John's)
1955 TDavid Penwarden (Keble)Alan Share (Merton)
1955 MAlan Share (Merton)Bryan Ellis (Jesus)
1956 HDavid Hilton (Queen's)John Robinson (Keble)
1956 TJohn Robinson (Keble)Dorothy Findjohn (St Hugh's)
1956 MSarah Myers (St Hugh's)John Cohn (Christ Church)Theo Rabinowicz (Queen's)Tom Crowther (Keble)
1957 HJohn Cohn (Christ Church)Tom Crowther (Keble)
1957 TTom Crowther (Keble)Graham High (Corpus Christi)
1957 MJohn Crossley (Keble)Sylvia Hargreaves (St Hugh's)Michael Lloyd (Hertford)David Franks (Brasenose)
1958 HSylvia Hargreaves (St Hugh's)Tony Luesby (Lincoln)
1958 TRoger Billings (Exeter)John Mitton (Brasenose)
1958 MJohn Mitton (Brasenose)David Franks (Brasenose)John Grieves (University)Stephen Desch (Magdalen)
1959 HDavid Franks (Brasenose)Marjorie Williams (Lady Margaret Hall)Charles Frieze (Queen's)Philip Cowen (Corpus Christi)
1959 TMarjorie Williams (Lady Margaret Hall)Charles Frieze (Queen's)Philip Cowen (Corpus Christi)Robin Young (Brasenose)
1959 MCharles Frieze (Queen's)Robert Morris (Balliol)Michael Buckley (Christ Church)David Crossley (Keble)
1960 HPaul Foot (University)David Crossley (Keble)David Allen (Balliol)Michael Falchikov (Oriel)
1960 TPhilip Cowen (Corpus Christi)Michael Falchikov (Oriel)Janet Langdon (St Hilda's)Jane Henshall (Lady Margaret Hall)
1960 MMichael Falchikov (Oriel)Brian Cookson (Keble)Mark Slater (Keble)John Howe (Merton)
1961 HNigel Lister (St Peter's)John Howe (Merton)Tony Maybery (St Catherine's)Malcolm Brahams (Balliol)
1961 TJohn Howe (Merton)Malcolm Brahams (Balliol)Philip Chadwick (Hertford)Ted Carder (Corpus Christi)
1961 MMalcolm Brahams (Balliol)Christopher Mott (Christ Church)Ted Carder (Corpus Christi)Paul Tyler (Exeter)
1962 HChristopher Mott (Christ Church)Paul Tyler (Exeter)Peter Selman (Queen's)Turlough O'Brien (Trinity)
1962 TPaul Tyler (Exeter)Mike Mann (University)Terence Bamford (University)Garth Pratt (Corpus Christi)
1962 MPeter Selman (Queen's)Garth Pratt (Corpus Christi)Ian Beesley (St Edmund Hall)Prue Hyman (Somerville)
1963 HGarth Pratt (Corpus Christi)Richard Littlejohns (Keble)
1963 TRichard Littlejohns (Keble)George Kiloh (Christ Church)Eric Martin (Keble)Jeremy Beloff (St Catherine's)
1963 MGeorge Kiloh (Christ Church)Jeremy Beloff (St Catherine's)Hannan Rose (Pembroke)David Belcher (Christ Church)
1964 HJeremy Beloff (St Catherine's)Jim Cousins (New)Andrew Davies (Keble)Alan Cowan (St Edmund Hall)
1964 TJim Cousins (New)Alan Cowan (St Edmund Hall)Nick Fogg (St John's)Josh Bamfield (Pembroke)
1964 MWill Pinching (St John's)Ian Morison (Lincoln)Patrick Mitchell (Wadham)Helen Rushworth (St Anne's)
1965 HIan Morison (Lincoln)Charles Scanlan (Balliol)Marshall Eagle (St Catherine's)Judith Coles (Somerville)
1965 TCharles Scanlan (Balliol)Helen Rushworth (St Anne's)Richard Sherrington (St John's)Ronald Cohen (Exeter)
1965 MHelen Rushworth (St Anne's)Marshall Eagle (St Catherine's)Ronald Cohen (Exeter)Gordon Beever (Pembroke)
From Hilary 1966 until Hilary 1976 the titles 'Secretary' and 'Organising Secretary' seem to have been used interchangeably, while occasionally they seem to refer to two separate individuals both serving within the same term. Two individuals are referred to by both titles in the same term! Here I give the names as they appear in the records consulted.
1966 HAlan Butt Philip (St John's)Gordon Beever (Pembroke)Ronald Cohen (Exeter)
1966 TRonald Cohen (Exeter)Peter Ellis Jones (St Edmund Hall)Peter Redmond (St Catherine's)
1966 MDonald Hamilton (Balliol)Ken Addison (St Peter's)Philip Goldenberg (Pembroke)
1967 HKen Addison (St Peter's)Lawrence Impey (Brasenose)Anthea Brown (St Hugh's)
1967 TAnthea Brown (St Hugh's)Clive Manison (University)Dave Wightman (St Peter's)
1967 MJohn Grey (Madgalen)Paul McHugh (Oriel)Donald Brims (Keble)Duncan Greenland (Brasenose)
1968 HDonald Brims (Keble)Paul McHugh (Oriel)John Overton (New)
1968 TRoger Clarke (Hertford)Diana Hall (St Hilda's)Paul Cavadino (Balliol)Joe Mounsey (New)
1968 MPaul Cavadino (Balliol)Mike Flanagan (Pembroke)
1969 HStephen Walkley (New)Gillian Filtness (St Hugh's)
1969 TGuy Harkin (Exeter)
1969 MMike Flanagan (Pembroke)/Mike House (Exeter)Mike House (Exeter)/John Anderson (Hertford)Michael Keating (Pembroke)
1970 HJennifer Shepherd (St Hilda's)David Newbury (Keble)
1970 TMichael Keating (Pembroke)
1970 MAndy Popper (Oriel)Alan Sherwell (Queen's)Neil Hickman (Worcester)
1971 HNeil Hickman (Worcester)Alan Sherwell (Queen's), Sec/Org SecJohn Fryer (St Edmund Hall)/Ian Clark
1971 T Alan Sherwell (Queen's) Deborah Sander (Somerville) Stephen Postle (St John's)
1971 M Stephen Postle (St John's) Stephen Cheshire (Queen's) Mike Austerberry (Worcester)
1972 H Mike Austerberry (Worcester) Glyn Jones (Worcester) Caroline Hey (Somerville)
1972 T Glyn Jones (Worcester) Gordon Kirk  Stephen Cheshire (Queen's) Oliver Elphick (Exeter)
1972 M Stephen Cheshire (Queen's) Anthony Sturman (Queen's) Mike Ross (Keble)
1973 HOliver Elphick (Exeter) Anthony Sturman (Queen's), Sec/OS Paul Harris (Lincoln) Paul Ryder (Worcester)
1973 T Anthony Sturman (Queen's) Martyn Copus (Trinity) Andrew Seager
1973 M Paul Ryder (Worcester) Robert Boden (Oriel) Richard Pyne (Keble)
1974 H Richard Pyne (Keble) David Croft (Magdalen)
1974 T " John Rossington (Worcester) Chris Bamber (St Edmund Hall)
1974 M David Croft (Magdalen)/Robert Boden (Oriel) Liz Sharpe (St Hugh's) Paul Robinson (Hertford) Francis Cave (Magdalen)
1975 H Paul Seddon (University) Nick St Aubyn (Trinity) Chris Goldthorpe (University)
1975 T Francis Cave (Magdalen) David Pannick (Hertford) Nick St Aubyn (Trinity)
1975 M Tim Bick (Lincoln) Kathy Bell (St Hilda's) "
1976 H Ewan Ferlie (Balliol) " Henry Tinsley (Worcester)
ChairSecretaryTreasurer Post abolished
1976 T Peter Brook (New) Jayne Almond (St Hilda's) Henry Tinsley (Worcester)
1976 M Henry Tinsley (Worcester) Ewan Ferlie (Balliol) Jill Rutter (Somerville)
1977 H Mark Rathbone (Worcester) David Ashcroft (Magdalen) Stephen Hey (Lincoln)
1977 T Stephen Hey (Lincoln) " Helen Goodman (Somerville)
1977 M Helen Goodman (Somerville) Crispen Owen (Christ Church) Alistair Wilson (Wadham)
1978 H Sam Howison (Wadham) James Cornford (Lincoln) Robert Wakeley (Mansfield)
1978 T Nick Amor (Magdalen) Aidan Langley (Exeter)
1978 M David Powell (Queen's) Jeremy Shaw (Queen's)Rachel Hetherington (Somerville)
1979 HRachel Hetherington (Somerville) Nick Sandford (Merton)
1979 T Jeremy Shaw (Queen's) John Inkpin (Merton) "
1979 M David Bye (Exeter)
1980 H John Inkpin (Merton) Alan Campion (New) Arnold Gibbons (Keble)
1980 T Lynda Powell (St Catherine's) Brent Smith (Pembroke) Peter Cooper (Trinity)
For the next three terms the Secretaryship was abolished and the Membership Secretaries, whose names are given here, carried out its functions. The Secretaryship reappeared in Michaelmas 1981.
1980 M Peter Cooper (Trinity) Guy le Fanu (Balliol) Phil Jones (Hertford)
ChairSecretaryTreasurerGeneral Agent
1981 H Patrick Forbes (Pembroke) Ian Gambles (Balliol)Mark Thomas (St Anne's) Chris Clement-Davies (Magdalen)
1981 T Brent Smith (Pembroke) Neil Schofield (Christ Church) Ian Gambles (Balliol) James Aitchison (Keble)
1981 M Neil Schofield (Christ Church) Bob Bunting (University) Ivan Sefton (Christ Church) Stuart Knowles (University)
1982 H Ian Gambles (Balliol) " " Julian Ware (Oriel)
1982 T Adrian van Klaveren (St John's) Dickon Abbott (Lincoln) Alison Provest (St Hilda's) Liz Mayer (Hertford)
1982 M Maria Leek (Exeter) Bob Bunting (University) " Julia Brookes
1983 H Martin Horwood (Queen's) Julian Ware (Oriel) " Andrew Myers (University)
1983 T Mary Pring (Somerville) Andrew Myers (University) Bridget Tomlinson (St Peter's)
1983 M Dave Brown (Merton) (Abolished)
1984 H Tim Pitt-Payne (Worcester)
1984 T Helena Djurkovic (Pembroke)
1984 M Mark Stephens (Lincoln) Jeremy Rintoul
1985 H Frances Thirlway (Balliol)
1985 T James Forder (Keble) Karl Jagdis
1985 M Martin Downs (Brasenose)
1986 H Clifford Darton (Lincoln)
1986 T Ian Garrett (St Catherine's)
1986 M Neil Kitchener (Queen's)
1987 H Dan Maldoom (Lincoln)
PresidentSecretaryTreasurerWomen's Officer
1987 T Adrian Taylor (Trinity) Colin Paine (Keble) Jonathan Pugh (Christ Church)
1987 M Evan Harris (Wadham) Jackie Watson (Somerville) Paul Bromfield (Pembroke) Tamara Finkelstein (Balliol)
1988 H Paul Bromfield (Pembroke) Kate Williams (St Hugh's) Nick Bamforth (Worcester) Vivienne Long (Somerville)
1988 T Clare Gibbons (St Hilda's) Nick Bamforth (Worcester) Mark Mitchell (University) Sally Prentice (Somerville)
1988 M Tom Winnifrith (Hertford) Jonathan Pugh (Christ Church) " "
1989 H Kate Williams (St Hugh's) Roland Combley (Magdalen) Martin Mitchell (Lady Margaret Hall) Diana Kettle (Jesus)
1989 T Oliver White (Brasenose) Jon Rule (University) Stephen Knight (Exeter) Kate Williams (St Hugh's)
1989 M Jon Rule (University) Phil Porter (Jesus) " Lynn Anthony (Jesus)
1990 HLynn Anthony (Jesus)/Eddie Rich (Wadham)Gerard Byrne (Jesus)Eddie Rich (Wadham)Carol Garbutt (Magdalen)
1990 TJames Rattue (Balliol)Huw Webber (St Hugh's)"(none)
1990 MRoger Giess (Keble)Sam Best-Shaw (Exeter)"Sadie Maskery (Keble)
1991 H"Jack Newsome (Westminster)Anthony Wright (Brasenose)Michelle Church (Brasenose)
1991 TJames Moore (Christ Church)Peter Rothery (University)""
1991 MMichelle Church (Brasenose)Stephen Shepherd (Queen's)"(ceased to be a Senior Officership)
1992 HPeter Rothery (University)Ian Glen (Exeter)Graham Hinton (St Edmund Hall)
1992 TJames Sanderson (Christ Church)Angus Ritchie (Magdalen)"
1992 MIan Glen (Exeter)Paul Martin (St John's)"
1993 HAngus Ritchie (Magdalen)Jeremy Thorp (Christ Church)Richard Kirby (Lady Margaret Hall)
1993 TMark Egan (University)Julian Glover (University)Dominic Mathon (Christ Church)
1993 MAidan Thompson (Magdalen)Gordon Woods (St John's)Nick O'Brien (St John's)
1994 HAndrew Sweeting (University)Alan Renwick (Merton)Alex Cameron (St John's)
1994 TGordon Woods (St John's)Maxie Haddow-Allen (St Anne's)"
1994 MRichard Renaut (St Anne's)Eugenia Loe (St John's)Alan Renwick (Merton)
1995 HLiz Truss (Merton)Laura Davies (Somerville)Ed Brand (Keble)
1995 TAlan Renwick (Merton)Roger Crouch (St Hugh's)"
1995 MNick John (University)Chris Turner (Worcester)"
1996 HRoger Crouch (St John's)Eva McEvoy (New)Tim Ward (University)
1996 TSenay Boztas (Exeter)Tamsin Lishman (St Hilda's)Joel Bellman (University)
1996 MTim Ward (University)""
1997 HJames Chard (Lady Margaret Hall)
1997 TAndrew Hazlewood (Lady Margaret Hall)
1997 MNeil Carberry (Lady Margaret Hall)
1998 HPhilip Reicherstorfer (Mansfield)Alison Hughes (Somerville)Tim Cooper (St Edmund Hall)
1998 TAlison Hughes (Somerville)
1998 MKate Treleaven (Exeter)Nina Percival (Wadham)Ben Riley (Green)
1999 HJane Blumer (St Hilda's)Dave McCobb (Keble)Dave McCabe (Balliol)
1999 TNina Percival (Wadham)
1999 MLucinda Johnson (St Hilda's)Daniel Maudsley (Lady Margaret Hall)Sheree Helliwell (St Hugh's)
2000 HNicholas Graham (Christ Church)/Jennifer Joslin (Christ Church)Anne Sabine (Wadham)Aron Rachamin (Magdalen)
2000 TLaura Davies (Keble)Sonia Sodha (St Hilda's)Adam Killeya (Balliol)
2000 MDaniel Griliopoulos (Magdalen)Priya Agravat (St Hilda's)"
2001 HSonia Sodha (St Hilda's)Robin Gray (St Benet's Hall)
2001 TAdam Killeya (Balliol)Robin Gray (St Benet's Hall)Philip Thompson (St John's)
2001 MRobin Gray (St Benet's Hall)Vivienne Raper (Mansfield)Chris Hanretty (St Anne's)
2002 HPhilip Thompson (St John's)Tom Wainwright (St John's)Trista di Genova (St Edmund Hall)
2002 TChris Hanretty (St Anne's)
2002 M Louise Radnovsky (University)
2003 HChristopher Williams (Somerville)
2003 T Tom Wainwright (St John's)Samuel Parr (Queen's)Steve Harper (Corpus Christi)
2003 MDave White (Wadham)Senthuran Bhuvanendra (Oriel)Tom Lavercome (University)
2004 HSteve Harper (Corpus Christi)Jonathan Bochenski (Regent's Park)Jackie Wilson (Somerville)
2004 TTom Lavercome (University)Frederik Herzberg (Merton)"
2004 M Jonathan Bochenski (Regent's Park)Frederik Herzberg (Merton)
2005 H Kate Mieske (Wadham)
2005 T Frederik Herzberg (Merton)
John Colgan (Queen's)
2005 M Joseph Chick (Corpus Christi)Amy Jones (St Hugh's)"
2006 H Sam Rowlands (Worcester)Julian Naden Robinson (Christ Church)Chris Stanley (St Catherine's)
2006 T John Colgan (Queen's)Jonny Wright (Trinity)Vish Navani (Worcester)
2006 MJulian Naden Robinson (Christ Church)Rachel Harriott (St Catherine's)George Boss (Worcester)
2007 H Chris Stanley (St Catherine's)Joseph Ammoun (St Edmund Hall)Katherine Wall (Lady Margaret Hall)
2007 T Alex Worsnip (St Anne's)"Sean McMahon (St Edmund Hall)
2007 M Katherine Wall (Lady Margaret Hall)Martin Nelson (Lady Margaret Hall)"
2008 H Joseph Ammoun (St Edmund Hall)Grace Weaver (Corpus Christi)Laith Dilaimi (Magdalen)
2008 T Martin Nelson (Lady Margaret Hall)Mark Mills (St Edmund Hall)Katherine Wall (Lady Margaret Hall)
2008 M Johnny Medland (Queen's)"Hengameh Ziai (St John's)
2009 HJames Schneider (Trinity)Peter Sloman (Queen's)"
2009 TMark Mills (St Edmund Hall)
2009 MHengameh Ziai (St John's)Sean McMahon (St Hugh's)
2010 HEmily Baxter (New)
2010 TCaroline Lester (Wadham)Robin McGhee (St Anne's)James King (University)
2010 MDavid Freeborn (St Hugh's)
2011 HEd Watson (Oriel)Benjamin Mackonick (Keble)
2011 TJames King (University)John Paul Spencer (University)Hamish Birrell (Keble)
2011 MRobin McGhee (St Anne's)Joe Kelly (University)

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